Hello there

Welcome to iLoveFist, your European source for all things fisting. With information for advanced players, beginners, and also for the curious (how exciting for you curious people!). 

Here at iLoveFist you’ll find info about where to social network; the techniques and psychology of the actual sex; tips about upcoming fisting events; and advice about where to shop for  products including lubes, toys and equipment. 

This platform is designed for our community because, well, we love fist.


Who we are

iLoveFist.com was created by entrepreneur and visionary David, who has over 20 years’ experience in the fisting scene. Having gathered plenty of experience traveling the world for fisting events, David began his own first fist party concept, FFunDeLuxe in Belgium, which was held in a 250 square meters luxury apartment. The party was a roaring success due to his popularity in the community combined with his vision of how to run a good party. 


Since then he has developed party concepts in Berlin including I Love Fist, FF Underground Meeting, the FFunDeLuxe Pornstar Edition, as well as the A Fist With A View party, hosted sky-high in the presidential suite of a high rise hotel.  David also designs and supplies playrooms specifically for fisting, most recently at Darklands in Antwerp (Belgium’s Leather Fetish Pride), and also Folsom Europe’s Pig Party, Revolver at Kitkat Club, BEAST, MALE, Obscura, as well as playrooms for private clients. 


He has produced adult films featuring *pornstars such as Axel Abysse, Logan Moore and offers fisting workshops and trainings.