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Published on 25 March 2020 at 13:28

Do you have a fascinating experience that you would like to share with us? We are more then curious about your exciting story. Report us and who knows, maybe we will publish it.

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10 months ago

Hi I am 62 French boomer and I’ve been fisted for the first time with a medium hand two months ago in May 2023.
I’d like to share that first experience for newbies.

I’ve training myself for 7 months with an AllBlack 12 inch high cone and a monthly session with my versatile top.
On the last couple sessions I was dilated enough for my partner’s hand but my reptilian brain was not happy and locking up the sphincter against this agression. You reptilien brain manage your body in the background, you can’t control it, you need to reassure him.
I discussed with my top my fears : will it be painful ? Will the hand will go out? Will it be
Painful? What about shit risk ? Will
My sphincter ever close again ? And so on! List them !
My top even did for me the contour drawing of his hand and where he stopped to show me the thicker part (70mm) was inside the sphincter but the final push of the last 3 cm stopped by the tension .

I decided to try a hand buttplug by myself. After 30 minutes it was in, With some effort and focus but NO PAIN.
I was so happy I sent the pic to my fister.
We saw each other the following day without any target (no « it must go in » ). After playing and try to insert his hand , on the second attempt, the pressure gently but steadily applied on my sphincter was very high and Inconfortable BUT NOT PAINFUL-MUSTNOT BE PAINFULL! I growled like at the gym, my sphincter open a Little bit more and the pressure stopped .

« Did you get out? »
 »no I’m in, relax I’m Not going to move for a few minutes so you get used to the feeling ».
I felt a big smile On my face and so happy and proud of this achievement !! It was a great relaxation feeling.
At the very same time my reptilian brain who thought the agression has stopped received signals for my body that the rectum was suddenly filled up without anything trying to enter , and from an empty colon. It kind of « crashed in confusion » as a computer bugs (lol).
I was in a « emotional state of shock » for a few minutes until my brain recover and understood it was no danger. Nearly a mind/body dissociation.
My top cuddled me during this moment.

The hand went out easier than it went in ( don’t push) . A new sensation to master….

My top wanted to do it again to train and reassure the brain but I was so emotionally tired that we did it the following day .
The hand when in much more easily (brain training ) Then I got my first shaking anal assgasm with spasms that lasted about 5 minutes after the session. That’s when you Need to
Cuddle with your top; That’s another story.

Since then , this week (early july ) I took fifteen hands in 3 nights getting more and more open .even my top is surprised, so do I.

So FF trainees and wannabees this is what was you will experience. I know now this is difficult to understand until you lived it. I’ve tried to explain it the best.

It’s not a competition, it’s not race , you need to train both your body mechanics and your brain to these new sensations. Don’t hurt yourself, listen to your body signals, at your pace, don’t compare to others , don’t trust FF porn movies ,each ass is different.
Be ready to have your sex life Changes forever ;-)

You open strange doors that will never close again (david bowie , scary monsters ;-) )

eric aka barbusex75