Published on 24 February 2022 at 12:01

As it was so cold at our headquarters in Berlin, I decided to travel to Barcelona to catch some sun. Lucky me, I’ve picked out the right weekend. On Twitter, I saw an announcement from the FISTCLUBBCN party on 12 February 2022. Already went there twice, but like 10 years ago.


FISTCLUBBCN has been running for 16 years now. It started in 2006 at the Eagle bar and then continued at the Open Mind club until today. During the two years of the Covid pandemic, the parties have been practically cancelled but now they are back again. I couldn’t have been more happy about that.


They were always held in Barcelona but before the pandemic, on special occasions sometimes also in Madrid. What I personally love are their explicit posters with a recognisable design.


To visit this party you need to register on their website, and then you’ll get an email with your entrance number. Around 6:15 pm I arrived as one of the first in the club, so I had the chance to inspect the club a bit more in dept... The Open Mind club has three floors with all kinds of facilities and comforts for practicing FF: lockers, four bathrooms with anal showers, bathtub, five slings, cabins, and various beds and bunks to play. It can be said that this club is very well equipped and decorated. Even the lighting was very intimate and the chill house music was perfect to bring you in the right sexual mood.


Behind the counter stood a naked bartender with a gorgeous muscular body. He was very friendly, I ordered a drink and had a little chat with him. Catering with free sandwiches was even provided. The visitors started to come in slowly, there were many local guys but also international visitors. I also saw some familiar faces, but couldn't immediately remember from where… LOL


It took a bit of time before the atmosphere was at the right temperature, but this is also always the case when I organise a party myself. Most guys need time to feel comfortable and to warm up. Around 8 pm I had my first warming-up fist session with a sexy Spanish guy who I chatting with before on Romeo. I recognized him immediately when he arrived.


Other guys around me came also really in the mood, so finally the night went in the right direction. A lovely Fisting couple from France who travelled especially for this party had the time of their life! During the night I played around with a lot of other hot guys, at some point I lost count… All I remember is that I had to refill my Xlube bottle 3 times!  ;-)


At 10 pm the club opens for everyone and then the regular night starts. A lot of guys with their own fetishes joined, it became really crowded and it was hard to find an available sling to play. So around midnight I decide to leave for an aFFter party in a private apartment next door.


It was an absolut pleasure to visit the party and I had a wonderful time in this great Open Mind club, I would like to thank the organisers Josep and Luis for their amazing work!


FISTCLUBBCN sessions are held once a month on Saturdays in the afternoon/evening hours.

The Open Mind club is located at C/ Aragón,130 in Barcelona.     Twitter: @fistclubbcn


Article written by: David

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thank you very much for the article about the party