So you’ve come here because you like to fist. Either you’re curious, already tried it and enjoyed it, or you’ve done it a while, have become addicted and want to learn more.

We totally get you, fisting is out of this world amazing. The feel of a guy’s insides stretching; the noises he makes as he opens up; the sluttiness you feel as a bottom when the top widens you with lust in his eyes; the space of relaxation, trust and intimacy you find...  Mmmmh! Yup, we get it.  Now, no matter who you are, this guide is for you - we all have butts and hands, we like to use them, and we want to get better at that. Talking to a professional is helpful, and we’re the closest thing to it in the fisting scene. We have heaps of experience and knowledge that we want to share.


In this guide

The pages in this guide are all about you and your exploration. We look at various fisting techniques to pleasure him and open him up; the psychology of being able to relax as a bottom, things to do and say during fisting, douching advice; plus heaps of tips and tricks, tools and toys to enhance your sex. So open your mind and read on, and remember the three important elements: communication, technique and psychology - your fisting journey revolves around these.


Individual experience

All of us are built in a similar way, we all have brains and hands and arms and dicks and feet and butts and elbows and ears that function the same way. But each of us has our own individual experience of the world - Johnny likes chocolate ice cream but Billy prefers bubblegum flavour (silly Billy, grow up). This is of course the same with sex: some like women, others like men; some only like blowjobs, or to be licked, or to be hung upside down by ropes while having their balls tickled by a feather and hot wax poured down their torso. We are lucky to be alive now, in a time where society is more free than ever before. So even though fisting is fucking weird (and equally hot), take advantage of this opportunity to dive into it and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Fisting journey

But what does it mean to express your individuality within your sexual fetish? Throughout the years I have seen as many differences as I have similarities between people’s assholes, hands, techniques, desires, level of curiosity as well as hesitation. These different preferences occur in fisting just as they do in the rest of life. Part of the fisting journey is to work out how you like it, how your partners like it, and also to notice how preferences and interests change over time (that one’s a mindfuck, let me tell you).


Thoughts and feelings

What you think you know about fisting will be challenged as you read on. See if you can put your own thoughts and feelings aside in the name of learning something new. I don’t ask that you replace your knowledge, but what you read here can enhance how you have sex. It will only work if you put your ego aside and get curious about what you can learn. Open yourself up to some really decent ideas about communication, technique and psychology, and follow me down that massive wet, deep, gaping rabbit hole. 


Enjoy the Ride

Taking a fist is of course a significant milestone in anyone’s sexual development. For some people their first time was easy - they have a high pain threshold, their bones are nice and far apart, they’re a natural talent. Other people struggle, needing more patience, practice and relaxation. Everyone is on their own journey. The key is to learn about how your body works, to take things at your own speed, and to not judge yourself or compare to others. Remind yourself that sex is for fun (and for some strange people it’s for making babies). Remember also that developing a skill is more helpful than having natural talent. On your fisting journey you are developing a skill every time you play alone or with friends, and over a long stretch of time you notice positive changes. It will happen at its own pace - just enjoy the ride. Remember, you have the rest of your life to get this right.